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Building an Algorithmic Trading Backtester with Node.js - Part 4: Advanced Backtesting Techniques Continued

In Part 4 of our blog series, we dive back into the realm of advanced backtesting techniques and optimization. Get ready to explore Risk Management, where we discuss effective strategies for protecting your capital and mitigating losses, and delve into Performance Analysis, where we evaluate the profitability and stability of your algorithmic trading models. Gain valuable insights to fine-tune your strategies and achieve better trading outcomes....
Lee Bailey
Jul 22, 2023

Building an Algorithmic Trading Backtester with Node.js - Part 3: Advanced Backtesting Techniques and Optimization

In part 3 of our blog series on algorithmic trading backtesting with Node.js, we'll explore methods like walk-forward analysis, parameter optimization, risk management, and performance analysis to enhance the performance and profitability of your trading strategies. Get ready to take your algorithmic trading to new heights with these powerful techniques...
Lee Bailey
Jul 15, 2023

Building an Algorithmic Trading Backtester with Node.js - Part 2: Implementing Backtesting Functionality

In Part 2 of our blog series on developing an algorithmic trading backtester with Node.js, we dive deeper into the implementation details. Learn how to simulate trades, calculate performance metrics, and analyze the results to evaluate the effectiveness of your trading strategies....
Lee Bailey
Jul 8, 2023

Building an Algorithmic Trading Backtester with Node.js: Part 1

Developing an algorithmic trading backtester is a crucial step in validating and fine-tuning trading strategies. In this blog series, we will explore how to build a robust backtesting framework using Node.js. In Part 1, we will focus on setting up the project structure, acquiring historical market data, and preparing it for backtesting. Let's dive in...
Lee Bailey
Jul 1, 2023

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