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Trusted by 350+ members in 5+ countries
Trusted by 350+ members in 5+ countries

Bronze Plan

Ideal for new investors with account sizes typically below $30,000.

per month
All free features +
VIX Advanced

Signal email notifications

Custom Indicators

Silver Plan

Ideal for seasoned investors with account sizes typically around $50,000 - $200,000.

per month
All Bronze Plan features +
VIX-TA Advanced

Signal text messages

Historical Data for All Indicators

Gold Plan

Ideal for seasoned investors with account sizes in the six figures, or for those building their own algotrading system.

per month
All Silver Plan features +

Model API access

Platinum Plan

Ideal for seasoned investors with account sizes approaching or exceeding $1M, or for those desiring to be completely hands-off.

per month
All Gold Plan features +

Total automation option

The Premium Advantage

Real-time Notifications

Stronger Models

Priority Support


What exactly do I get when I subscribe?

When you subscribe to a Grizzly Bulls premium plan, you'll immediately be able to view the current signal of that premium tier model as well as the signals for all premium models below that tier. For example, if you subscribe to the Gold Plan, the current signals for VIX-TA-Macro Advanced, VIX-TA Advanced, and VIX Advanced would be revealed.

Additionally, you'll start receiving real-time notifications upon signal changes of the strongest model to which you have access, along with the current signals of the other models. Depending on the tier, these notifications will include at least email, and possibly also SMS, API or even automatic trading on your behalf with a managed account. More details.

How do I know which plan is best for me?

One of the best ways to choose a plan is by considering your current investment account size. The primary feature of each plan is access to an improved model. Picking a plan where the annual fee is around 1-4% of your investment account value ensures that you will keep the vast majority of the returns for yourself.

Another distinguishing factor is your desired method to receive our models' signals. The Bronze and Silver plans send you email notifications on signal updates, but you still need to execute each trade manually in a timely manner. If you are a full time trader this may be acceptable, but if you are busy with a career or other obligations, you may want one of the more automated approaches offered by our Gold and Platinum plans.

How do these premium plans compare to hedge funds or actively managed ETFs?

Hedge funds typically charge 2% of assets under management per year plus 20% of any profits. For example, if you invest $100,000 in a hedge fund that returns 20% for the year, your net pre-tax return would be (20% * 0.8 - 2%) = 14% or $14,000. For the sake of simplicity, if you instead invested $100,000 in our Silver Plan and returned 20% for the year, your net pre-tax return would be (20% - $99 * 12) = $18,812 or 18.81%. Our models have historically outperformed the vast majority of hedge funds, but even if the pre-fee performance is equivalent, our fee structure is much lower leaving you with a far greater take home return.

Actively managed ETFs such as ARKK, ALFA or FTLS are more on par with our fee structure for the majority of clients. However, their historical CAGRs (18.16%, 13.16% and 8.17% respectively as of early 2022) fail to even match the CAGR of our Bronze Plan model over the same time period, while their max drawdowns (59.7%, 40.92%, 21.47%) are horrendous. Indeed, their algorithms are extremely simple and in some cases arbitrary and emotionally biased. On the other hand, all of our models trade autonomously backed purely by state of the art science and engineering.

If your models are so strong, why are you selling them?

Firstly, it's important to note that we are not selling the models themselves. We are selling the signals generated by them, but the internal logic and machine learning engine remain proprietary. Secondly, while most of our capital is fully invested in a version of our strongest model, we have a relatively small amount of starting capital. Our slippage analysis indicates that these models can be scaled to billions in capital, so we are not hindering our own performance by selling signals. Nevertheless, there may come a time when we no longer wish to sell these signals or at least not at these affordable prices if it becomes economically disadvantageous to us.

For the time being, instead of monetizing our models through starting a hedge fund as the vast majority of professional algorithmic traders choose to do, we've chosen to democratize access to the best strategies instead of giving them to only the top 1%. We believe that sharing our success with other normal people will bring transparency to the industry while helping to prevent the rise of massive bubbles that are at least partially caused by the great migration to passive investing.

Are institutions allowed to use these plans?

No, these plans are for individual use only. We have separate licensing available for institutions. If you are an RIA, broker/dealer, fund manager, wealth manager or other institution that manages money for other people, please contact us for licensing details.

Do I need to pay to use Grizzly Bulls?

Absolutely not! A few of the features you get totally for free:

VIX Basic model
Blog with market analysis and algorithmic trading information
Savings and Investment Calculator
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