Practical Algorithmic Trading with Node.js

Practical Algorithmic Trading with Node.js: Complete Guide from Zero Experience to Production

About the Author

Lee Bailey
Founder @ Grizzly Bulls
I come from a Computer Science background, holding both a B.S. and M.S. from Wake Forest University. While I've spent more than a decade as a software engineer, my primary passion has always been the financial markets.

I've been trading for more than 15 years. In early 2020, I decided to apply my knowledge of markets, machine learning and engineering to build our first algorithmic trading models.

About the Book

It's never been easier to get started with algorithmic trading

Are you ready to unlock the powerhouse of algorithmic trading to take control of your financial future? Practical Algorithmic Trading with Node.js is a comprehensive guide to building and deploying successful trading strategies using the Node.js ecosystem, regardless of your prior knowledge or experience. In this book, expert trader and software engineer Lee Bailey takes you on an immersive journey through the world of algorithmic trading. From the fundamentals to advanced techniques, you'll gain the knowledge and skills needed to develop your own profitable trading systems.

Discover how to acquire and prepare data, design robust trading strategies, implement real-time trading with Node.js, and effectively manage risk. Learn the ins and outs of technical analysis, leverage macroeconomic indicators, and harness the power of machine learning. With step-by-step instructions, detailed code examples, example strategies, and practical insights, you'll master the art of backtesting, optimize performance, and ensure the security and compliance of your trading systems. Gain an edge in the market by leveraging statistical analysis, time series analysis, and data visualization techniques to make informed trading decisions.

Explore additional resources in the appendix, including the Grizzly Bulls algorithmic trading platform, a freemium subscription service, blog, and other tools to assist you on your trading journey. Whether you're a seasoned trader or a beginner, Practical Algorithmic Trading with Node.js provides you with the expertise and guidance to revolutionize your trading approach. It's time to turn your trading ambitions into reality and take the first step towards financial success by reading this book!

Chapter Preview

  • Chapter 1: Getting Started with Node.js

    Learn the basics of Node.js and how to set up your development environment for algorithmic trading.

  • Chapter 2: Understanding Algorithmic Trading

    Explore the fundamentals of algorithmic trading, including key concepts, strategies, and market dynamics.

  • Chapter 3: Data Acquisition and Preparation

    Discover techniques for acquiring and preparing data for algorithmic trading and backtesting.

  • Chapter 4: Backtesting Algorithmic Trading Strategies

    Learn how to design and implement backtesting frameworks to evaluate the performance of trading strategies.

  • Chapter 5: Technical Analysis with Node.js

    Explore the principles of technical analysis and how to apply them using Node.js for effective trading decisions.

  • Chapter 6: Using Macroeconomic Indicators for Algorithmic Trading in Node.js

    Discover how to leverage macroeconomic indicators and integrate them into algorithmic trading strategies using Node.js.

  • Chapter 7: Examples of Algorithmic Trading Strategies

    Explore real-world examples of algorithmic trading strategies and understand their implementation and performance.

  • Chapter 8: Implementing the Execution Framework

    Learn how to build a robust execution framework for live trading using Node.js and integrate with trading platforms.

  • Chapter 9: Performance Optimization and Scalability

    Optimize the performance and scalability of your algorithmic trading system to handle large-scale trading operations.

  • Chapter 10: Security and Risk Management

    Understand the importance of security and risk management in algorithmic trading and learn best practices to protect your investments.