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Practical Algorithmic Trading with Node.js: Complete Guide from Zero Experience to Production

It's never been easier to get started with algorithmic trading. Whether you choose to create your own system, follow ours, or some combination thereof, we've got you covered!

Key Terms

  • Backtesting: a process used in finance and investment strategies where historical market data is applied to test the performance of a trading or investment strategy to evaluate its potential effectiveness.
  • Monetary Policy: the management and control of the money supply and interest rates by a country's central bank to achieve specific economic objectives, such as controlling inflation, stabilizing the economy, and promoting sustainable growth.

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Lee Bailey is an experienced algorithmic trader, software engineer, writer, and the founder of Grizzly Bulls. After years of developing and refining his proprietary algorithmic trading models, he released them to the public via Grizzly Bulls in January 2022.