ELI5: 1%/10 Net 30 - A Payment Term in Business Transactions

Advanced Definition
Last updated: Jul 27, 2023

1%/10 Net 30 Explained

Imagine you are running a lemonade stand, and you have some loyal customers who come and buy lemonade from you regularly. Sometimes, you might offer them a special discount or incentive to encourage them to buy more. "1%/10 Net 30" is a way for businesses to do something similar with their customers, but in the world of finance and invoices. It might sound a bit complicated at first, but don't worry – I'll explain it in simple terms using our lemonade stand example!

💡 Key Ideas

  • Incentive for Early Payment: It offers customers a small discount (1%) if they pay their invoice within a short period (10 days).

  • Regular Payment Terms: If the discount is not taken, the full amount must be paid within 30 days.

  • Improving Cash Flow: Encourages prompt payment, helping businesses manage their finances better.

  • Building Customer Loyalty: Offering discounts shows appreciation to customers and fosters stronger relationships.

  • Reducing Collection Efforts: Early payments reduce the need for chasing late payments, saving time and effort for businesses.

The Lemonade Stand Scenario

Let's say you have a regular customer named Timmy who comes to your lemonade stand every week to buy lemonade. One day, you offer him a special deal: "1%/10 Net 30." Here's what it means:

  • 1% Discount: If Timmy pays you within the next 10 days, he can get a 1% discount on his purchase.

  • Net 30: If Timmy doesn't take the discount, he should pay the full amount within 30 days (from the day he received the lemonade).

Making Sense of "1%/10 Net 30"

Okay, let's break it down further:

Option 1: Taking the Discount

If Timmy decides to take advantage of the discount, he needs to pay you within 10 days. For example, if he buys $10 worth of lemonade, he can save 1% of that amount, which is $0.10. So, he'll pay you only $9.90 ($10 - $0.10) within the next 10 days.

Option 2: Paying the Full Amount

But let's say Timmy doesn't want to rush and doesn't take the discount. In that case, he needs to pay the full $10 within 30 days – no discount, just the regular price.

Why Do Businesses Use "1%/10 Net 30"?

As a lemonade stand owner or any other business, you might wonder, "Why offer a discount for early payment?" Well, there are a few good reasons:

  1. Encouraging Prompt Payment: By giving customers an incentive to pay quickly (within 10 days), you can improve your cash flow and have money on hand to reinvest in your lemonade stand.

  2. Building Good Relationships: Offering such discounts shows your customers that you value their business and want to reward them for their loyalty.

  3. Avoiding Collection Hassles: Sometimes, businesses have to chase customers to get paid. With this discount, you can encourage timely payments and reduce the need for collection efforts.


"1%/10 Net 30" is a way for businesses to encourage their customers to pay early by offering a small discount. It's like offering a reward to your friends for returning your toys quickly after borrowing them. By using this payment term, businesses can manage their finances better, build strong customer relationships, and avoid the hassle of chasing late payments. Just like how Timmy can save a few cents on his lemonade, businesses benefit from improved cash flow and happy customers!