ELI5: The 125% Loan

Advanced Definition
Last updated: Jul 27, 2023

The 125% Loan - Borrowing More Than the Treasure Chest Holds

Imagine you are a brave adventurer on a treasure hunt, and you come across a magical loan that allows you to borrow more coins than you have in your treasure chest! Well, the 125% Loan is somewhat like that! It's a type of loan where you can borrow up to 125% of the value of the collateral you offer. Don't worry; I'll explain it in simple terms using our treasure hunt analogy!

💡 Key Ideas

  • Definition: The 125% Loan is a type of loan that allows borrowers to borrow more than the actual value of the collateral they offer.

  • Loan Amount: With a 125% Loan, borrowers can receive up to 125% of the assessed value of their collateral, providing them with extra funds beyond the collateral's worth.

  • Collateral Requirement: Borrowers need to offer valuable assets, such as real estate, vehicles, or other valuable items, as collateral to qualify for the 125% Loan.

  • Risk Consideration: While the loan offers flexibility and access to additional funds, it also comes with potential risks for both borrowers and lenders due to the higher loan-to-collateral ratio.

  • Suitability: The 125% Loan may be suitable for borrowers with specific financial needs, but careful consideration of the risks and repayment ability is essential before taking this type of loan.

Understanding the 125% Loan

Okay, let's break it down further:

What is a 125% Loan?

The 125% Loan is like a special treasure chest that lets you borrow more coins than you currently possess. When you offer something valuable, like a magical gem or a precious artifact, as collateral, the lender may lend you up to 125% of its assessed value.

How Does It Work?

Imagine you have a magical gem worth 100 coins. With a 125% Loan, the lender may allow you to borrow up to 125 coins, which is 125% of the gem's value. So, you can borrow 25 coins more than the actual value of your gem!

Why Is It Offered?

The 125% Loan is offered to provide borrowers with some extra magical flexibility. It allows you to access additional funds beyond the actual value of your collateral. However, the lender does this to compensate for the potential risks of lending more than the collateral's worth.

Example: Borrowing with the 125% Loan

Let's use a magical example to understand the 125% Loan. You offer a rare artifact worth 80 coins as collateral.

Collateral ValueMaximum Borrowable Amount (125% of Collateral Value)
80 coins100 coins

With the 125% Loan, you can borrow up to 100 coins, which is 25 coins more than the actual value of your artifact.

Beware of the Risks

Just like navigating through a magical forest, the 125% Loan comes with some risks that borrowers need to be aware of. Let's explore these risks in simple terms:

1. Overborrowing:

Taking a loan for more than the actual value of your collateral means you are borrowing beyond your means. If you encounter financial difficulties or market fluctuations, it can become challenging to repay the loan, leading to potential debt issues.

2. Higher Interest Costs:

With the 125% Loan, you are not only borrowing more but also paying interest on the excess amount. This means higher interest costs over time, making the loan more expensive to repay.

3. Collateral Value Fluctuations:

Like magical potions that change in potency, the value of your collateral can fluctuate. If the collateral's value decreases over time, you might end up owing more than the collateral's worth, leaving you in a difficult financial situation.

4. Loan Default and Collateral Seizure:

If you are unable to repay the loan, the lender may seize your collateral to recover the outstanding debt. Losing valuable assets can have severe consequences, affecting your financial stability and future borrowing ability.

5. Limited Lender Options:

The 125% Loan may not be offered by all lenders, and those who do offer it may have stricter eligibility criteria or higher interest rates. This limits your options and may result in less favorable loan terms.

Remember, just like preparing for a magical quest, it's essential to thoroughly assess the risks and your ability to manage the loan responsibly before proceeding with the 125% Loan. Being aware of the risks can help you make informed and wise borrowing decisions!


The 125% Loan is like a magical opportunity that allows you to borrow more than the treasure chest holds. It's a loan where you offer valuable collateral, and the lender may lend you up to 125% of its assessed value. While it offers flexibility, remember that borrowing more than your collateral's worth comes with risks. Just like in a treasure hunt, always weigh the potential gains against the risks before deciding to take the 125% Loan!