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# 87 Andrew Forrest 


Real Time Net Worth
as of 4/23/2024
-$23.0M (-0.10%)

# 87 Andrew Forrest 


Real Time Net Worth
as of 4/23/2024
-$23.0M (-0.10%)
OccupationChair, Fortescue Metals Group
Source of WealthMining
ResidencePerth, Australia
Marital StatusSeparated
EducationBS, University of Western Australia; Ph.D, University of Western Australia
Age-Adjusted Net Worth$20.1B
Andrew Forrest
Andrew Forrest
Net worth: $23.1B

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Early Life

John Andrew Henry Forrest was born on 18 November 1961 in Perth, Western Australia.
He is the youngest of three children of Judith and Donald Forrest.
The Forrest family has a history of managing Minderoo Station, established in 1878.
Forrest's early years were spent at Minderoo in the Pilbara region.
He attended Onslow Primary School, School of the Air, Christ Church Grammar School, and Hale School.
Forrest studied economics and politics at the University of Western Australia.
In 1991, he married Nicola Maurice, and they have four children.


Forrest worked as a stockbroker before founding Anaconda Nickel in 1993.
He became the founding CEO of Anaconda Nickel but was ousted in 2001.
In April 2003, he took control of Allied Mining and Processing, renaming it Fortescue Metals Group (FMG).
FMG became a major player in Western Australia's iron ore industry, with significant expansions.
Forrest was critical of the Gillard government's proposed Minerals Resource Rent Tax (MRRT).
In August 2021, Forrest received a $2.4 billion dividend on Fortescue's record profit.
Tattarang is the holding company for the Forrest family’s private business interests.

Global Rapid Rugby

Forrest created the Indo Pacific Rugby Championship, later rebranded as Global Rapid Rugby.
The competition was launched in 2018 and rebranded in 2018.
The 2020 season was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cattle Industry

After buying back Minderoo Station in 2009, Forrest acquired additional properties, expanding pastoral holdings.
In 2020, he acquired Quanbun and Jubilee Downs in the Kimberley region for over A$30 million.

Allied Medical

In 2005, Allied Medical was spun out of Fortescue Metals Group.
Forrest was a director, and in 2011, it was acquired by BioMD, becoming Anteris Technologies.

Other Roles

Forrest is well-connected in political, business, and sporting circles.
He is an adjunct professor at the Chinese Southern University and a fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining & Metallurgy.
Former director of Australia's Export Finance and Insurance Corporation, Chamber of Minerals and Energy of WA, and chairman of Athletics Australia.

Personal Life

In July 2023, after 31 years of marriage, Andrew and Nicola announced their separation, not affecting their company.
Forrest purchased the superyacht Pangaea in 2018, turned it into an ocean research vessel for the Minderoo Foundation.
In December 2015, he purchased the Tukurua mansion, housing refugees and later restoring it.
In 2022, Forrest purchased the nearby heritage-listed Le Fanu House.

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