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# 638 Charles Dolan 


Real Time Net Worth
as of 6/24/2024
-$34.6M (-0.70%)

# 638 Charles Dolan 


Real Time Net Worth
as of 6/24/2024
-$34.6M (-0.70%)
OccupationFounder and Chair, Cablevision Systems
Source of WealthCable Television
ResidenceOyster Bay, New York
Marital StatusWidowed
EducationDrop Out, John Carroll University
Age-Adjusted Net Worth$404.54M
Charles Dolan
Charles Dolan
United States
Net worth: $4.95B

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Early Life

Charles Francis Dolan was born on October 16, 1926, in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
His father, David Dolan, sold a patent to Ford Motor, influencing Charles's entrepreneurial spirit.
Dolan served in the United States Army Air Forces at the end of World War II.
He attended John Carroll University before dropping out to enter the telecommunications field.
Dolan's earliest professional endeavors included creating sports and industrial films with his wife in their Cleveland home.
He entered the telecommunications industry after selling his film interests to Telenews in exchange for a job.

Career Milestones

At 26, Dolan founded Teleguide Inc, a service providing information to hotels, before moving to New York.
In New York, he founded Sterling Manhattan Cable, the first company to wire buildings for cable television access.
Dolan founded Home Box Office (HBO), the first premium programming service in cable television.
He later organized Cablevision Systems Corporation on Long Island, spearheading the company's advancements.
Dolan led Cablevision's efforts in pioneering VOOM to meet the demand for HDTV content.
In 2016, he sold Cablevision to Patrick Drahi's Altice USA for $17.7 billion.

Philanthropy and Honors

Dolan is a trustee of Fairfield University and a member of the board of governors of St. Francis Hospital.
Fairfield University awarded Dolan an honorary doctorate in 2016 for his contributions as a media pioneer.
He donated $25 million to Fairfield University, resulting in the naming of the Dolan School of Business.
The Dolan Center for Science and Technology at John Carroll University is named after him.
Dolan's philanthropy underscores his commitment to education and healthcare.
He is involved in various charitable initiatives, including cancer research through the Lustgarten Foundation.

Personal and Family Life

Charles Dolan and his wife, Helen Ann, reside in Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York.
The couple has six children, including James L. Dolan, who serves as executive chairman of the Madison Square Garden Company.
His son Patrick Dolan is the principal owner and publisher of Newsday.
Dolan's family is actively involved in media, publishing, and sports ownership.
His younger brother, Larry Dolan, and nephew, Paul Dolan, own the Cleveland Guardians baseball team.
Personal connections demonstrate Dolan's deep roots in family and community.

Political Affiliation

Dolan and his spouse contributed $125,000 to Donald Trump's 2020 presidential campaign.
His political involvement highlights his support for specific candidates and causes.
Dolan's political contributions reflect his engagement in national affairs.
Political affiliations can provide insights into Dolan's values and priorities.
His contributions demonstrate a willingness to participate in the political process.
Political involvement is one aspect of Dolan's broader engagement in societal issues.

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