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# 128 John Fredriksen 


Real Time Net Worth
as of 4/12/2024
-$16.4M (-0.11%)

# 128 John Fredriksen 


Real Time Net Worth
as of 4/12/2024
-$16.4M (-0.11%)
OccupationOwner of Golden Ocean Group, Deep Sea Supply, and Frontline Ltd.
Source of WealthShipping
ResidenceLondon, United Kingdom
Marital StatusWidowed
Age-Adjusted Net Worth$4.17B
John Fredriksen
John Fredriksen
Net worth: $15.1B

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John Fredriksen was born on 10 May 1944 in Oslo, Norway, to a welder and his wife.
He grew up in Etterstad, in the eastern half of Oslo.
Fredriksen first entered the oil trading business in the 1960s in Beirut, Lebanon.
In the 1970s, he purchased his first tankers and later played a crucial role in transporting oil during the Iran-Iraq War in the 1980s.
He became the world's largest tanker owner with over seventy oil tankers and significant interests in oil rigs and fish farming.
His offshore drilling rig firm, Seadrill, gained control of Smedvig in 2006, marking his biggest deal, and emerged from bankruptcy in 2018.
Fredriksen helped raise about $1 billion in new debt and equity during Seadrill's recovery.
His biggest holding is Marine Harvest, now named Mowi, making it the world's largest fish farmer.
Fredriksen holds major interests in dry bulk company Golden Ocean Group through his investment companies Hemen Holdings and Meisha.
He is a naturalized Cypriot citizen, previously holding the title of Norway's richest man before abandoning his Norwegian citizenship.
Fredriksen owns houses in London, Oslo, Cyprus, and Marbella, Spain.
His London house, The Old Rectory, is estimated to be worth around US$172 million.
He is a collector of classic Norwegian art and claims to support medical research projects, donating millions to hospitals in Norway.


John Fredriksen is a widower with two twin daughters, Cecilie and Kathrine Astrup Fredriksen, born in 1983.
His late wife, dentist Inger Astrup Fredriksen, belonged to one of the Astrup families in Norway.
Inger's father was a professor of psychiatry, and her granduncle was the painter Nikolai Astrup.


Fredriksen claims to support research projects at The Radium Hospital and has donated several hundreds of millions of Norwegian kroner to medical research at hospitals in Norway.

Gard Case

In 1985, the Norwegian insurance company Gard became suspicious of losses of cargo from Fredriksen's tankers.
A private investigation revealed a system for the use of heavy oil as bunker fuel.
The case was turned over to the Norwegian police, leading to Fredriksen's offices in Oslo being searched in June 1986.
After several years of legal disputes, the case was settled out of court.
Fredriksen paid a fine of 2 million NOK for risking his crew's lives and over US$800,000 to the insurance company Gard.

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