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# 739 Leonid Boguslavsky 


Real Time Net Worth
as of 5/18/2024
-$11.3M (-0.25%)

# 739 Leonid Boguslavsky 


Real Time Net Worth
as of 5/18/2024
-$11.3M (-0.25%)
OccupationFounder, RTP Global
Source of WealthVenture Capital
ResidenceFlorence, Italy
Marital StatusMarried
EducationMS, Moscow Institute for Transport Engineering
Age-Adjusted Net Worth$1.99B
Leonid Boguslavsky
Leonid Boguslavsky
Net worth: $4.49B

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Leonid Boguslavsky, born on June 17, 1951, in Moscow, is a USSR-born Canadian entrepreneur, scientist, and venture capital investor.
He founded RTP Global, formerly known as ru-Net, in 2000, which became one of the most successful early-stage venture capital firms, primarily investing outside of Russia.
Boguslavsky gained significant wealth through astute investments, notably in Yandex, earning approximately 400 times his initial investment, and other companies like Datadog, EPAM, Delivery Hero, RingCentral, and others.

Early Life

Boguslavsky was born into the family of writer Zoya Boguslavskaya and scientist-engineer Boris Kagan, with poet Andrei Voznesensky as his stepfather.
He excelled academically, winning competitions in biology and mathematics during his schooling in Moscow.
Graduated from the Moscow Institute of Transport Engineering in 1973 with a degree in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics.
From 1973 to 1990, he conducted scientific research at the Institute of Control Sciences of the USSR Academy of Sciences, focusing on mathematics for computer systems and networks.
In 1985, he launched a project to create a software system connecting IBM mainframes with other computers, earning significant contracts for implementation.
Boguslavsky served as a visiting professor at the University of Toronto from 1991 to 1992.

Career Beginnings

Joined a Soviet Italian joint venture in 1989, focusing on computer network projects in Czechoslovakia, where he became deputy director and shareholder.
In 1990, he signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Oracle Corporation for the USSR territory and founded LVS, concentrating on systems integration business.
Led LVS to dominance in electronic voting machine equipment production by 1994, eventually selling the company to PricewaterhouseCoopers in 1996.
Boguslavsky served as Managing Partner at PwC, overseeing its Management Consulting Services practice in Russia, after the acquisition of LVS.
In 1999, he joined forces with investment bankers to establish ru-Net Holdings Limited, marking his entry into internet investments.
Boguslavsky left PwC in 2001 to focus entirely on internet investments, becoming CEO and chairman of ru-Net Holdings.

Investment Ventures

In 2000, ru-Net Holdings invested in Yandex and Ozon.ru, marking the beginning of Boguslavsky's successful venture into internet companies.
During the dot-com crisis, ru-Net Holdings survived, eventually restructuring into Internet Search Investment Limited (ISIL) in 2006.
Established ru-Net Limited in 2006, controlling his assets and making new investments in IT and internet technologies.
Continued investments in various sectors, including Big Data, SaaS, cloud computing, Fintech, Health Care, and IoT, expanding globally into Europe, India, and the US.
In 2011, he founded ru-Net Technology Partners (RTP Ventures) in the US, focusing on early-stage investments, including Delivery Hero.
Expanded investments into Europe, co-founding the Super League Triathlon in 2016 and rebranding ru-Net to RTP Global in 2018.

RTP Global

In 2020, Boguslavsky established RTP Global's third fund, totaling $650 million, reflecting the firm's growing influence in global venture capital.
RTP Global manages assets exceeding $3 billion as of early 2022, with Boguslavsky being the primary contributor of capital in all funds.
The firm's investment portfolio spans 18 countries worldwide, with a focus on ventures outside of Russia.
RTP Global's success highlights Boguslavsky's adeptness in identifying and nurturing promising startups, contributing significantly to his wealth creation.

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