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# 580 Zhang Yong 


Real Time Net Worth
as of 4/16/2024
-$237.3M (-4.36%)

# 580 Zhang Yong 


Real Time Net Worth
as of 4/16/2024
-$237.3M (-4.36%)
OccupationFounder, Haidilao
Source of WealthRestaurants
ResidenceSingapore, Singapore
Marital StatusMarried
Age-Adjusted Net Worth$8.75B
Zhang Yong
Zhang Yong
Net worth: $5.45B

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Zhang Yong, a China-born Singaporean billionaire, is the chairman and founder of the Haidilao restaurant group.
He was born and raised in Jianyang, Sichuan, China, and started his career as a welder, never having dined out until the age of 19.
In 1994, he opened the first Haidilao restaurant with just 4 tables, co-founding it with his wife Shu Ping and another couple.
The restaurant rapidly expanded, becoming the largest hotpot restaurant in their town, followed by the opening of a second location in 1998.
Despite having no formal education beyond high school, Zhang Yong's business philosophy centers around the cultural significance of hot pot in reuniting qi and Dao.
In March 2022, Zhang stepped down as CEO to concentrate on long-term strategies for the company's growth.

Published Work

Zhang Yong authored 'Learn from Hai Di Lao' in 2011, a publication likely focusing on business insights and strategies from his experience with Haidilao.

Personal Life

Zhang Yong is married to Shu Ping, who is also a co-founder and non-executive director of Sichuan Haidilao Catering.
They have a son together.
In 2018, Zhang Yong and his family relocated to Singapore, where he later became a naturalized citizen.


Haidilao was established in March 1994 by Zhang Yong and three other founders with an initial investment of 8,000 Yuan.
The company prioritized customer service, leading to rapid growth beyond Sichuan province within five years.
In 2018, Haidilao served over 160 million customers, boasting an average daily table turnover rate of 5.0 and over 36 million VIP members.
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Haidilao closed its stores in mainland China in January 2020, causing significant losses, but gradually reopened as cases decreased.
Haidilao expanded internationally, with over 180 chains globally, including in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and others.
To fund further expansion, Haidilao raised nearly US$1 billion in a Hong Kong IPO in 2018.

Haidilao enforces rigorous standards for selecting food suppliers, ensuring quality ingredients for their dishes.
Restaurants offer over 20 dipping sauces, side dishes like peanuts and cucumbers, and allow customers to select up to four different soup bases in one pot.
Some Haidilao outlets feature automated kitchens with robot chefs and food delivery robots to enhance efficiency.
The company introduced a 'Hi to send' delivery service in 2003, providing customers with an electromagnetic pan and induction cooker for at-home hotpot dining.
Every Haidilao restaurant provides a range of complimentary services, including nail salons, children's play areas, car washes, and free snacks and beverages.
During meals, staff offer aprons, mobile phone bags, and small hairpins for long-haired customers, along with special gifts for celebratory occasions.

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