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# 354 Michael Kadoorie 


Real Time Net Worth
as of 4/12/2024
-$51.7M (-0.67%)

# 354 Michael Kadoorie 


Real Time Net Worth
as of 4/12/2024
-$51.7M (-0.67%)
OccupationChair, CLP Group
Source of WealthHotels, Energy
ResidenceHong Kong, Hong Kong
Marital StatusWidowed
Age-Adjusted Net Worth$1.73B
Michael Kadoorie
Michael Kadoorie
Hong Kong
Net worth: $7.66B

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Early Life and Family

Sir Michael David Kadoorie, GBS, was born in 1941 into the Jewish Kadoorie family, renowned for their business acumen.
He attended Kowloon Junior School in Hong Kong and Institut Le Rosey in Switzerland.
Kadoorie's grandfather, Elly Kadoorie, established the family's business presence in the Far East, originating from Iraqi Jews who settled in Shanghai in 1880.
His father and uncle, Lawrence and Horace Kadoorie, expanded the family enterprises into a diversified group, with the flagship being CLP Holdings Ltd.


Kadoorie oversees CLP Holdings Ltd., providing electricity to 75% of Hong Kong and having equity interests in power plants across Asia and Australia.
He also chairs Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels, a prominent luxury hotel chain.
Beyond his family businesses, Kadoorie controls and directs Metrojet Ltd. and Heliservices (HK) Ltd., and initiated CLP Research Institute focusing on renewable energy.
He's held directorships in non-Kadoorie companies and was a member of the University of Hong Kong's Council.
The Kadoorie Biological Sciences Building at the University of Hong Kong stands as a testament to his contributions to education and research.

Awards and Recognitions

Kadoorie is a trustee of the Kadoorie Charitable Foundation, deeply involved in philanthropic endeavors.
He has been honored with titles like Officer of the Legion of Honour by France, Commander of the Order of Léopold II of Belgium, and Knight Bachelor.
The University of Hong Kong conferred upon him an honorary doctorate in 2004.
His philanthropic work and business achievements have been recognized both locally and internationally.

Passions and Interests

Apart from his business pursuits, Kadoorie is known for his love of classic cars, owning a prestigious collection of rare automobiles.
He's also a photography enthusiast and a licensed helicopter pilot, showcasing a diverse range of interests.
A vintage Ferrari accident in 1998 resulted in serious injuries, leading to a two-month recovery period at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, England.
Kadoorie's hobbies reflect his appreciation for craftsmanship, engineering, and artistry, extending beyond the boardroom.

Personal Life

Michael Kadoorie was married to Betty Tamayo, known as 'Lady Betty,' until her passing in 2021.
The couple resided in Hong Kong and had three children: Natalie, Bettina, and Philip.
His sister, Rita Laura Kadoorie, is married to fellow billionaire Ronald McAulay, showcasing strong familial ties within Hong Kong's elite circles.

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