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Real Time Net Worth
as of 5/27/2024

# 384 Richard Uihlein 


Real Time Net Worth
as of 5/27/2024
OccupationCofounder and CEO, Uline
Source of WealthPackaging Materials
ResidenceLake Forest, Illinois
Marital StatusMarried
EducationBS, Stanford University
Age-Adjusted Net Worth$2.12B
Richard Uihlein
Richard Uihlein
United States
Net worth: $7.15B

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Richard Uihlein is the CEO of Uline, North America's largest distributor of shipping, packaging, and industrial supplies, with an estimated revenue of $7 billion.
He and his wife Elizabeth founded Uline in 1980, starting from their basement, and now the company has over 8,500 employees.
The Uihleins are known as conservative donors, being one of the top contributors to Republican campaigns in the U.S., with reported donations exceeding $190 million.
Richard Uihlein is also an heir to the Schlitz brewing fortune, with a background in international sales before founding Uline.


Richard Uihlein graduated from Stanford University with a BA in history in 1967.
Before founding Uline, he worked in international sales for General Binding Corporation, co-founded by his father, Edgar Uihlein.
The Uihleins started Uline with start-up funds from Richard's father, Edgar Uihlein.
As of 2020, Uline had around 7,000 employees, with Richard's wife, Liz, serving as the company's president.
The Uihleins live in Lake Forest, Illinois, with a summer home in Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin.
Richard Uihlein's cousin is Lynde Bradley Uihlein, and the family also owns EAU Holdings, a resort in northern Wisconsin.

Political Activities

Richard Uihlein has been a longtime Republican donor, especially after the Citizens United ruling, supporting candidates who share his ultra-conservative views.
He has donated millions to Republican candidates, super PACs, and conservative organizations, favoring far-right and anti-union candidates.
Uihlein has supported efforts opposing gay and transgender rights as well as abortion, backing candidates aligned with his social and economic conservatism.
The Uihleins have contributed significantly to various Republican campaigns, including Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, Liz Uihlein criticized stay-at-home directives and pushed for the removal of Governor Tony Evers over his pandemic response.


Apart from political contributions, Richard Uihlein has donated to various organizations, including the Chicago Public Library.
Through the Ed Uihlein Family Foundation, the Uihleins have made substantial grants to conservative think tanks, nonprofits, and institutes.
They have supported organizations promoting conservative ideologies, such as the Conservative Partnership Institute, Turning Point USA, and the Center for Security Policy.
The Uihleins have also donated to educational and media-related institutions, emphasizing their conservative principles through philanthropy.

Company History

Uline was founded by Richard and Elizabeth Uihlein in 1980, initially operating from their basement.
Their first product was the H-101 carton sizer, which laid the foundation for their shipping supply business.
Over the years, Uline expanded its operations across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, with distribution centers and a comprehensive catalog offering thousands of products.
The company moved its headquarters to Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, in 2010, with expansions announced in subsequent years due to continued growth.
Uline is a family-owned business, with Liz Uihlein serving as president and CEO, and the Uihlein family occupying executive roles within the company.

Operations and Marketing

Uline operates as a passthrough corporation, owned by the Uihlein family, with a conservative dress code and a focus on traditional marketing methods.
The company's extensive product catalog, mailing twice a year, features over 37,500 products and is a significant marketing tool.
Uline maintains a low profile on social media and relies heavily on catalog advertising to reach customers.
Its headquarters in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, span 200 acres and include multiple buildings for offices and warehouses.
Distribution centers are strategically located across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico to facilitate efficient supply chain operations.

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