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# 300 Roman Abramovich 


Real Time Net Worth
as of 4/16/2024
-$28.4M (-0.33%)

# 300 Roman Abramovich 


Real Time Net Worth
as of 4/16/2024
-$28.4M (-0.33%)
OccupationFounder, Millhouse Capital
Source of WealthSteel, Investments
ResidenceMoscow, Russia
Marital StatusMarried
EducationMaster, Moscow State Law Academy
Age-Adjusted Net Worth$10.5B
Roman Abramovich
Roman Abramovich
Net worth: $8.59B

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Roman Abramovich is a billionaire with stakes in Russian steel giant Evraz and nickel producer Norilsk Nickel.
He was sanctioned by the U.K., EU, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland.
Abramovich sold a 73% stake in Russian oil firm Sibneft to Gazprom for $13 billion in 2005.
He spent over $1 billion in Russia's Far East Chukotka region during his tenure as governor from 2000 to 2008, reportedly at Putin's behest.
After his British investor visa expired in 2018, he obtained Israeli and Portuguese citizenship.
Abramovich acted as a mediator between Kyiv and Moscow during the war and facilitated the return of hundreds of war prisoners, including 10 foreigners.


In 2009, Abramovich acquired 16 Kensington Palace Gardens in London, a 15-bedroom mansion, for £90 million.
He purchased four Upper East Side townhouses in Manhattan, New York City, for $74 million. These townhouses are being combined into a megamansion estimated to cost an additional $100 million for renovation.
Abramovich is known for his lavish spending on luxury yachts, maintaining a fleet dubbed 'Abramovich's Navy.'
His current yacht, Eclipse, measures 162.5 meters and was estimated to cost around $400 million. It features extensive amenities including swimming pools, a cinema, helicopter landing pads, and a submarine.
Abramovich has also been linked to the yacht Garçon, moored in Antigua.


Abramovich's fleet of luxury yachts includes Eclipse, known for its opulence and extensive features, such as multiple swimming pools, a cinema, helicopter landing pads, and a submarine.
He has also been associated with the yacht Garçon, located in Antigua.


Abramovich owns a private Boeing 767-33A/ER, registered in Aruba as P4-MES, known as The Bandit.
The aircraft features luxurious amenities such as a 30-seat dining room, a boardroom, master bedrooms, luxury bathrooms, and a spacious living room. It also boasts advanced security systems.

Other Interests and Activities

Abramovich has a notable presence in the art world, having sponsored exhibitions and made significant art purchases, including works by Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud.
His former wife, Dasha Zhukova, manages the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture in Moscow, partially restored with Abramovich's sponsorship.

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