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# 393 Stephen Bisciotti 


Real Time Net Worth
as of 7/12/2024

# 393 Stephen Bisciotti 


Real Time Net Worth
as of 7/12/2024
OccupationOwner, Baltimore Ravens
Source of WealthStaffing, Baltimore Ravens
ResidenceHobe Sound, Florida
Marital StatusMarried
EducationBS, Salisbury State University
Age-Adjusted Net Worth$5.31B
Stephen Bisciotti
Stephen Bisciotti
United States
Net worth: $6.96B

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Early Life

Stephen J. Bisciotti was born on April 10, 1960, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and grew up in Severna Park, Maryland.
Raised in a middle-class Italian-American family, he lost his father to leukemia at the age of 8, and his maternal grandfather supported the family afterward.
Attended Severn School and later transferred to Severna Park High School, where he played football.
Graduated from Salisbury State University in 1982 with a degree in liberal arts.


Co-founded Aerotek, a staffing company, with his cousin Jim Davis in 1983, starting from a basement office.
Aerotek evolved into Allegis Group, the largest privately held staffing firm globally.
Had US$13.4 billion in revenue and 19,000 employees as of 2018.

Sports Ownership

Acquired 49% ownership of the NFL's Baltimore Ravens in March 2000, with an option to buy the remaining 51% from Art Modell.
Became majority owner in April 2004, leading the team to victory in Super Bowl XXXV in 2001.
Directed the construction of the Ravens' training facility, 'The Castle,' opened in October 2004.
Fired Brian Billick in 2007 and appointed John Harbaugh as head coach, leading to a Super Bowl win in 2013.

Aerotek Lawsuit

In 2009, Aerotek settled a $1.2 million class-action lawsuit filed by over 1,000 workers for unpaid wages and benefits.
The lawsuit stemmed from the closure of a Verizon call center in Martinsburg, WV, where workers claimed they were not paid properly.
Settlement reached to resolve claims under the West Virginia Wage Payment and Collection Act and Fair Labor Standards Act.

Personal Life

Stephen Bisciotti is Catholic and actively involved with Associated Catholic Charities and Mother Seton Academy.
Married to Renee Bisciotti, they have two sons and reside on the Severn River in Maryland.
Aside from owning the Ravens, Bisciotti possesses assets like a $20 million yacht named 'Winning Drive' and 2 Dassault Falcon private jets.

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