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# 252 Karel Komarek 


Real Time Net Worth
as of 5/29/2024
-$81.5M (-0.85%)

# 252 Karel Komarek 


Real Time Net Worth
as of 5/29/2024
-$81.5M (-0.85%)
OccupationFounder, KKCG
Source of WealthOil And Gas, IT, Lotteries
ResidenceVerbier, Switzerland
Marital StatusMarried
EducationDiploma, Hahnemann Medical College
Age-Adjusted Net Worth$13.4B
Karel Komarek
Karel Komarek
Czech Republic
Net worth: $9.55B

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Karel Komárek, born on March 15, 1969, in Hodonín, Czech Republic, is a Czech businessman.
He graduated in engineering and briefly worked at Sigma HodonĂ­n before venturing into entrepreneurship in 1992.
In 1992, he founded the industrial valves wholesale company M.O.S. HodonĂ­n with a start-up capital of CZK 300,000 borrowed from his father.
In 1995, Komárek established the internationally active investment company KKCG.
Under KKCG, he expanded into the energy sector with companies like Moravské naftové doly (now MND Group).
Komárek is the chairman of the board of trustees at the Karel Komárek Family Foundation, which focuses on philanthropic endeavors.
His philanthropic contributions include supporting the Dvořák Prague International Music Festival, the Proměny Foundation, and the Gardens of Peace project in France.
In 2020, the Karel Komárek Family Foundation initiated a project donating instruments to Czech schools, purchasing 11 pianos worth 200,000 euros from Petrof, and launching a public collection for 45 other schools.
In 2022, he launched the 'More than Equal' project in Silverstone, aiming to find, train, and support the first female Formula One World Champion, partnering with Motorsport Network for a global survey on the state of motorsport.
Komárek, along with his wife Štěpánka, received the Gold Medal in the Arts from the Kennedy Center International Committee on the Arts for their contributions to the field of art.
He and his wife also supported the construction of the 'Reach center' building in the Kennedy Center in 2019.
In August 2021, the Karel Komárek Family Foundation donated CZK 150 million to the reconstruction of Hodonín after a tornado devastated the town in June 2021.


Karel Komárek started his business in oil and gas in the Czech Republic during the 1990s, right after the Velvet Revolution.
In 1996, his company M.O.S. Hodonín changed its name to MOS Hodonín Morovia Systems and developed into a technology supplier for the mining industry, allowing Komárek to enter the energy business.
In 2010, he separated from his father and sister to establish his own investment group, KKCG.
KKCG's diverse business activities include lotteries and gambling, energy, information technology, and investments, operating in 33 countries as of 2022.
In 2012, KKCG became the sole owner of Sazka, the largest Czech lottery company, forming the cornerstone for the establishment of the Sazka Group.
In 2016, KKCG founded the Sazka Group, later renamed Allwyn, which quickly became the largest lottery owner in Europe.
In January 2022, Komárek agreed to take Allwyn public via a SPAC merger.
KKCG expanded into information technologies and real estate, completing various residential projects in Prague and finishing the Bořislavka Office and Shopping Center in the Prague 6 district in June 2021.
In 2023, KKCG opened a methanol factory in West Virginia through the company US Methanol, founded by KKCG in 2016.


Karel Komárek is married to Štěpánka Komárková and has four children.
He resides in Verbier, Switzerland, and is known for being an avid cyclist, rower, and golfer.

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