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Weekly Market Analysis - 4/22/2022

A solid early rebound ended with a swift and ugly reversal as the market became spooked by hawkish Fed comments...
Lee Bailey
Apr 23, 2022

Weekly Market Analysis - 4/15/2022

In a very choppy trading week, the market bounced around wildly before resolving lower as it digested the CPI report...
Lee Bailey
Apr 16, 2022

Weekly Market Analysis - 4/8/2022

After a failed reversal on Monday, the market continued the decline that began mid last week, keeping investors guessing...
Lee Bailey
Apr 9, 2022

Weekly Market Analysis - 4/1/2022

After a strong start, the market turned around mid-week as overbought conditions caught up with the rebound...
Lee Bailey
Apr 2, 2022

Weekly Market Analysis - 3/25/2022

After bobbing around the 200-day SMA technical resistance area, the market continued the rebound to close solidly in the green...
Lee Bailey
Mar 26, 2022

Weekly Market Analysis - 3/18/2022

After a slow start, the market surged most of the week as the bulls regained their confidence with near-term Fed uncertainty cleared...
Lee Bailey
Mar 19, 2022

Weekly Market Analysis - 3/11/2022

Volatility continued this week with sharp swings in both directions as the market continues to react to war headlines and economic data...
Lee Bailey
Mar 12, 2022

Weekly Market Analysis - 3/4/2022

In a very choppy week, the markets reacted sharply in alternating directions over the latest war headlines and Fed statements...
Lee Bailey
Mar 5, 2022

Weekly Market Analysis - 2/25/2022

The markets dove to new correction lows on Russia-Ukraine conflict headlines, but then the indices sharply rebounded after the invasion began...
Lee Bailey
Feb 26, 2022

Weekly Market Analysis - 2/18/2022

The markets bounced early in the week but were unable to maintain bullish momentum, falling steadily on Thursday and Friday on rising geopolitical risks...
Lee Bailey
Feb 19, 2022

Weekly Market Analysis - 2/11/2022

The markets rallied strongly at the beginning of the week, and then were abruptly thrown off course by a worse than expected CPI report and accompanying hawkish Fed comments...
Lee Bailey
Feb 12, 2022

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